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Our technology serves the field of Dynamic Data Visualization, which lies at the intersection of 3D graphics, real-time data processing, and network technologies. This convergence of technologies enables Fourth Planet to provide a wide variety of Dynamic Data Visualization products & services.

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Visualization Products:

Fourth Planet's visualization products combine advanced visualization techniques with data from the real world in real-time on both Unix & Windows platforms. These products bring advanced visualization & graphical interface capabilities to real world applications on inexpensive desktop systems.



A Network visualization system which brings together 3D graphics & real-time data for monitoring network performance.



A VRML based application making use of intelligent agents for the analysis and management of web site activity.

Web-based Products:

The Fourth Planet suite of Web-based software products form a bridge between the graphical capabilities of the of World Wide Web & the useful representation of real world data. By utilizing advanced data visualization techniques via the graphical & interface capabilities of the Web, these products enable web site developers to put real content and accuracy into their sites.

Navigable Image Database

Software for the creation of efficient and accessible image-based virtual tours on the World Wide Web.


Web Visualization Toolkit

A software toolkit which brings data visualization technology & real-world data to web based graphics.

Custom Hardware & Software Solutions:

Fourth Planet provides custom hardware and software solutions for specific virtual reality, telepresence & telerobotic applications. As with the Fourth Planet visualization product line, the focus of these custom solutions is on the real-time representation of real data through a wide of interfaces including 3D computer generated environments, stereo video telepresence systems & hybrid systems which merge video or raw sensor data with 3D computer graphics.


 Telerobotic Solutions

Custom solutions utilizing advanced computer graphics for telerobotic applications.


 Visualization Solutions

Fourth Planet's custom visualization solutions which can bring the power of 3D graphics to your applications.

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